The 411 on Cookie Cakes!

 Vanilla is definitely the most popular flavor!

$10.00 Extra for following Flavors; Hennessy, Rum, Baileys, Pistachio, & Caramel

All cookie cakes come topped with freshly Whipped Cream, French Macarons, Fresh Flowers, & Fresh Fruit (NEVER frozen)

Edible and non Edible images are also available at an extra cost depending on the items

You may choose to have the bottom layer filled for $5.00 extra with Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Lemon, S'mores, Salted Caramel, or Chocolate icing. OR $8.00 for fresh fruits in between the layers

Want cake instead of a cookie? no problem! just add $15.00 per letter/ number

Prefer 3 layers instead of 2?  just add $15.00 per letter/ number

Single Letter/ Number $85.00 + tax

Double Letter/ Number $160.00 + tax


Often asked questions...


Is the Cookie hard or Soft?

The cookie is firm, and does have a crunch but it is not tooth breaking hard. In combination with the delicious Swiss Meringue Buttercream that has a silky like texture it is definitely enjoyable and scrumptious. 

Can you change the color of the icing on top?

Of course we can change the color of the Swiss Meringue Buttercream, but keep in mind it will change the clean appearance of beneath the bright colors on top. Once you as the client is okay with the appearance changing,we can do whatever you want!

Is it cheaper if I want to spell a name or word?

We cannot guarantee discounts will be applied to names or words, As where we do understand budgeting certain things cannot be adjusted.  The size of your order will be taken into consideration.  

What size are the numbers/ letters and how many to they feed?

Our standard size for letters/ numbers are 10 inches in length by 3-5 inch in width with a double layer. It all depends on the shape we are creating. For feeding it depends on the shape and on if your going to give your guest both layers or just 1, Also keep in mind the toppings can act as separate dessert options. One letter/ number and minimum should feed 8 people at 1 layer per serving.

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